Vintage Whimsy in Wax

3 Awesome Projects in Encaustic  Painting with Mixed Media



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Hello everyone,


I’m delighted to bring you this class where we explore the beautiful combination of luminous encaustic wax and vintage whimsical themed portraits and  figurative subjects.

For years, I have adored this marriage of mediums and now I want to share some of my favorite techniques.

Whether you are looking to combine photography, collage or your mixed media paintings with wax - this is the class for you !  I will guide you through all these processes.

Encaustic wax creates a glowing layer of mystery and mood to your art work  and allows for much experimentation with  and exploration of other mediums too! You will create truly expressive and unique art work  that will have you hooked on this gorgeous blend.


I hope you will join me in class!





Introduction video

Encaustic set up and safety


You will learn everything you need to know for a safe and proper set up in the first video of the class. 


Please view  a  quick video at bottom  by scrolling all the way to end

 for an EASY encaustic set up.



Project 1-

Whimsical vintage portrait Photography and wax

In this first  project, you will create a mixed media & encaustic portrait using either your own photography or a copyright free image.

I’ll show you how to incorporate the luscious medium of wax with  collage, fabric, gold leafand more! You will love the effect!



Project 2 A .JPG
Project 1 FINAL .jpeg

Project 2-

Whimsical vintage figurative collage  and wax

In the  second project, you  will be creating a mixed media collage using  your own art  or photography or copyright free images  with variety of collage materials combining it with  wax!

For this piece, you  will use imagery to create a whimsical vintage   Theme . You  will use oil paint, oil pastels, gold leaf, lace,  and more… combination with photo and copyright free imagery , creating a unique and beautiful piece of mixed media & encaustic  art!



Project 3-

Terrific Textures in Wax

In this project  you will experiment with the materials and textures. Try  using different papers and/ or fabrics and layering lots of wax.  And  try abstraction with a pop of realism as  you will learn in this project.


Registration Now Open !

$23.00 (Early Bird Price)

$28.00 Regular Price 

Classroom opens.....

**Lifetime Access and downloadable Videos**


Here's a sneak peak of the class !


Here’s what you’ll learn when you’ve completed the class.

If you have never worked with wax encaustic with mixed media, you are in for a treat! This process provides an amazing backdrop for your composition, giving a wonderful texture and making the piece almost glow from within.

 Combined with the dreamy effect of encaustic  wax layers this combo makes for a stunning finished  piece of work! You will fall in love with this process!

I will be guiding you through several topics and techniques such as:

 • How to safely set up your encausticwax tools

• Layering encaustic  wax

• Collaging paper into wax

• Using oil paint with encaustic  wax

• Mixed media techniques with wax

• How to fuse correctly

• Preparing your surface for encaustic

• Using reproductions  of photography to incorporate into wax pieces

• Using gold leaf and wax

• Using oil pastels and encaustic wax

• Sgraffito techniques

• And much more....

  Take your time with the videos - you have life time access - so enjoy every minute and set your own pace. Connect with me and other students on our private Facebook page and have access to my favorite image resources.



Quick video of basic SIMPLE encaustic Set Up

Here's a short video to give you an idea of the basic encaustic set up.A more detailed video will be included in the class.


Registration Now Open !

$23.00 (Early Bird Price)

$28.00 Regular Price 

Classroom opens.....





Supplies List:


(Necessary items marked with *)


Please use what you have and don’t feel obligated to get all these supplies !


CLICK      HERE        


Encaustic Medium* (  from R&Fencaustic company)

Hake Brushes (or natural bristle brushes)*

Mini griddle or regular size griddle*  ( “Presto” little griddle)

Wax paper*

Heat gun or craft heat tool ( not a hair dryer)*

smalltin can (tunacans work great) *

Clay needle tool for sgraffito technique

3  canvas boards or wood panels*

Gellatos or oil pastels or oil s sticks*

Collage materials - assorted vintage papers, ephemera, scrapbook paper, fabrics, lace,   etc.*

Mod Podge  or YES paste*

Tacky glue for gluing fabric

Repositionable  glue stick ( for inkjet printing art tissue technique)

White art tissue

Inkjet or laser printer

Fixative spray for inkjet prints

Black and white or gray oil paint*

Linseed oil or vegetable oil*

Assorted brushes*

Palette knife

Palette or use a paper plate*

Old expired Credit cardor a scraper tool*

Razor tool for scraping wax


Acryliccraft gem stones

Imitation gold leaf