Day 6- Blog Along Challenge- Wonderful Worry Dolls !

Day 6- Blog Along Challenge- April 13, 2018

β€œWhat Are Worry Dolls?”

Worry dolls (also named trouble dolls; Spanish MuΓ±eca quitapena) are small, mostly hand-made dolls that originate from Guatemala and are also found in Mexico.

The traditional use for them is to help children rid themselves of their worries. By telling their worries to the dolls at bedtime, then they put them under their pillow. In the morning the worries are gone. 

Worry dolls have also played a role in modern pediatrics and child psychiatry. During a psychological interview with children, some counselors have offered a worry doll to the child as some kind of imaginary, but trustworthy "listener". The doll, in turn, will work for psychiatrists, psychologists, educators and parents as some kind of "agent" and "troubleshooter" between child and adult.

Today, worry dolls are sold in huge quantity in Guatemala and Mexico. Nuns and poor children sell them to tourists as souvenirs. The dolls are quite popular since they are so small and thus easy to carry around.

As an elementary school art educator I have created worry doll necklaces with my students ………who in fact mostly all come from Guatemala themselves. They love this type of craft. 

Then about 2 years ago I created several worry dolls to be displayed in a shadow box frame as a thank you gift from our school. So this video shows my process of creating them.hope you enjoy watching it 😍😍😍

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