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This was indeed a challenge for me ……..My indecision really makes creating art a tough thing at times. I wish I could be so confident in my every mark on the canvas or paper. Instead,,,,,,,,I try out tons and tons of possibilities…….NOT knowing what I really like or want in the end……uuugghh!

What is the solution ?? For now……I keep plugging along . It’s more of an unusual occurrence that I’m totally happy with what I’ve created…..kind of sad . Or maybe as the saying goes……Artists are never satisfied so that’s what keeps driving them to create??

So my friend and I did a collaboration. It worked out well …….but indecision and the feeling I didn’t really get it right haunts me. It’s only RARELY that I create artwork which I feel is perfection…….aaaahhhh! And when it happens I usually get a huge positive response from everyone. My wish is to achieve that all the time ! 

Well………the answer is………oh jeeeez ……..I can’t even think of one great answer. Instead I’m thinking of many possible answers to my issue. One thing that helps is to know my time limits for creating an artwork. After spending hours and days on something, and if I have a deadline then TIME drives me to work on it as much as possible and then LET IT GO!

At that point I’ve done all I can do in that time frame and that’s it. So many times that’s the way my artwork gets resolved. But the thing is……I COULD come back to the artwork days or weeks later and see what can be done. A lot of the time I’ll re work a piece so many times it just changes into a whole new version and then I feel I’m going in circles…….unless it’s one of my PERFECT works of art……lol

The notion of perfection should be thrown out the window. So often after I’ve finished something and make a YouTube video of it, it’s done…..with and without imperfections. I nearly always see things I want to change. And I’m no beginner to being an artist either! But jeeez it makes me feel like I am! Uuuggghh

How about you? What challenges are in your creative process ?

Artfully Yours,


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