Day 12-iPad Pro Art- Digital Collage Tutorial


Day 12- April 24. 2018

Aaaww……in only 7 days the Blog Along with Effy Wild Challenge will end. Although I started late and wasn’t able to Blog each day I look forward to the September challenge and I know I can keep up then !

So……about this video. I got a couple requests for a tutorial on my process creating digital collage or composite images. Many folks don’t understand digital art. I’ve been perfecting my skills in it for 5 years now…….all completely on the iPad. I just prefer for various reasons to create digital art on the iPad instead of on my laptop. 

I do some app jumping in this video……..meaning in the creation of this image I use several apps…….ProCreate app, iColorama app, Repix app, LensLight app, and Matter app. Onjust Love Creating digital art for several reasons.

1. It’s so easy to start creating…….NO SETUP REQUIRED… opposed to traditional art…..I must get out and clean up so many things……since I have no dedicated space to creating art currently. 
2. It’s completely portable and I can create art ANYWHERE !
3. Due to certain physical limitations I have…….it’s perfect to accommodate my needs.
4. I like how the art I create doesn’t take up more and more storage space.
5. Since drawing isn’t one of my strengths……I appreciate all the possibilities to create digital art without drawing.

If you’re interested in learning more …….Please visit my YouTube channel as well as my website which lists online classes. Here are the links:

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