Playing with Watercolors- Abstract Flowers

Playing with Watercolors-Abstract Flowers

It’s been fun using watercolors to create abstract flowers. I love painting very loosely. I love seeing the water blend the colors and transform shapes in unique unpredictable ways. Basically, I started painting in watercolors again after not using them for 2 years because I create in cramped quarters in a very very multipurpose room. I haven’t felt like hauling out my supplies. Watercolor painting requires the most minimal of materials, except for drawing. 

I love the simplicity of materials required. I can set up and clean up in minutes. It’s great ! So I’ve been watching some YouTube watercolor tutorials and learning a lot of new things. It’s been a long time since the 3 watercolor classes I took in the past many years ago.
I don’t want to paint tons of details with a small brush. I prefer letting the water make the pigment do the work …….and I’ve been learning this type of technique from an artist on YouTube at the channel of “LazyWonderBrush”. She has great tutorials for painting confidently and loosely. I can’t wait to keep painting and getting better and better. 

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