Serenity Art Sunday Art Series- Gratitude Part 2- Week 2



Hello Soulful Creatives !


This  week’s theme:   GRATITUDE Part 2- Create a Visual Reminder

GRATITUDE is powerful and transformative.........Even being grateful for the smallest things in your life can change your outlook.....

Get t INSPIRED to create any sort of visual reminder to keep an attitude of gratitude ! Maybe an art journal cover, a gratitude journal cover, a bookmark, wall

art.......the possibilities  are endless and only limited by your CREATIVITY !


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As part of my website’s mission  of  “Helping Nurture your Art and Soul- Inhale Inspiration………..Exhale Creativity❤️
I am beginning this art series: “Serenity Art Sunday ” !


Here’s how you might use the inspiration:

• Use as an art journal prompt
• Seed of contemplation for meditation, reflection, or prayer
• Theme of your artwork for the week
• Focus of intention for your week’s thoughts and activities
• Thematic ways to nurture yourself as a human being and as an artist……as in a Gratitude List ….for this week I hope you will join in and share your artwork on our Facebook groups ❤️❤️❤️ 


"Golden Goddess of Gratitude" By Diana Riukas, iPad digital art

"Golden Goddess of Gratitude" By Diana Riukas, iPad digital art



The Art of Soul-A Spiritual Journey . Here’s link to join:

Art n Soul Studio. Here’s the link to join:

Some suggested approaches to try this week :

1. Journal writing on topic however it relates to you and whatever comes to mind for you ( 5 min. Or longer)
2. Create a Gratitude List which is simply a list of everything you can be grateful for in your life
3. Create artwork relating to theme on any size from index card to huge as you want …….in an art journal or regular artwork.
4. SHARE your artwork in our Facebook groups!

5.  Make a gratitude list of  20 or more things in your life for which you are grateful. This may include small to big things.

Even small things are very important to value.  You might start keeping a gratitude journal of daily or weekly gratitude lists.


                                                                                                                                 Artfully Yours,


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