Day 4- Blog Along Challenge- I LOVE my iPad Pro.....It's Like my Portable Art Studio !

Day 4- Blog Along- April 10, 208


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“My iPad is like my Portable Art Studio- I can create Art ANYWHERE!”

Hello Soulful Creatives,

I’m so tired after my first day back at work after 10 days off. We’ll see if I can get through this or not……

I’m having a solo online digital art show going on till April 26. I’m thrilled ! So far I’ve added 30 artworks in the show. I hope you’ll visit it. Here’s the link:

I create ALL my digital art on my iPad Pro and been doing so for past 5 years….perfecting my skills😍. I even do stunning digital animation. And you can see my animation art at my online art show as well. Link is above. 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

I love creating on my iPad so much for several reasons :
• I have no dedicated art making space currently and so creating on my iPad is so convenient
• I have a vision disability and using the iPad is more comfortable for me than a desktop or laptop…….where I have to crane my neck to get up close to the screen
• I have a long train commute and creating art on my iPad helps pass the time in a fun way
• I love both photo manipulation as well as pure digital painting
• I can create art ANYWHERE . It’s like my portable art studio!!
• I don’t have to haul out all my art supplies if I don’t have the time or energy

Anyway it’s a shame digital art isn’t totally understood or accepted in art galleries and in my community of folks here online. My digital art videos usually get fewer views than my acrylic painting . 

So PLEASE check out my online art class at this link:

I will give you 50% off if you contact me that you read this blog post ! 

Also check out my current online digital art show till April 26.

Artfully Yours,


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