Day 3- Blog Along- Musings on My Father


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photo credit: No attribution required and for cover photo.

photo credit: No attribution required and for cover photo.


Day 3 Blog Along -April 9, 2018

Musings on my Father

My whole dad’s life is a pretty interesting story. And it deserves a book to do it justice ! And we always told him to write his autobiography when he retired as a philosophy college professor, however, sadly when he did retire finally at age 83, he had a major stroke just a few weeks away from retiring. That stroke made him almost mute. He could barely talk or read or walk any longer. 


His autobiography would never happen. So I’ve often thought I maybe could write a biography …….but I’m not sure I have enough for a book. …….all the facts and all. ………maybe a short story is possible. Anyway let me just list the amazing facts about him in list form :

• He was born in 1919 in Lithuania on a family farm. He was the oldest of 5.
• He hated the farm life
• His mother recognized his talent in academics . He was an excellent reader and excellent school student
• The only way he could leave the farm was to join the
Jesuit priesthood and get a college education
He travelled around Europe as a Jesuit priest getting his higher education

• Because of this….he learned 7 languages ( including English when he moved to USA)
• When he came tO USA he converted from catholic to Presbyterian and attended Princeton University Seminary
• While at Princeton he’d see Einstein on campus….. just seeing from afar walking on campus
• He became a minister for several years but then eventually became atheist
• So he left the church and earned his Ph.D. In philosophy to become a philosophy professor
• Education was of the utmost importance to him and for his children. He made sure I got the best education possible. 
• He didn’t begin his teaching career at West Chester University till age 48 and stayed there till age 83
• He spoke English and Lithuanian very well. He knew Latin very well too. He’d regularly give us the Latin derivation of English words……while in casual conversation
• He traveled around the world as a public speaker delivering his philosophy papers at seminars into his 80s
• He read in German his favorite German philosophers all the way up to his stroke
• He was age 43 when I was born
• My fathers personal life was much more sad than his professional life……and I’ll leave that for another time…….

That’s all for now…..

Artfully Yours,


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