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This is day 1 of a month long blogging challenge. For every post we write, we must read 3 others posts. Its hosted by artist/blogger Effy Wild. SOOOOOO HERE GOES !!!

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I started blogging in December 2016 and then regularly blogged for a few months and then stopped it after having ZERO people following it.......uuuuugghhh.   I had actually started the blog in conjunction with starting my art youtube channel. In fact, I actually paid a professional blogger to teach me how to be a pro blogger....HAHA. 


Well i left my blog along the wayside and dived into my new youtube channel. And went on to create 225 of mostly  art tutorial present day.  I have started a blog again a month ago......which is based on my creative art series "Serenity Art Sundays" which is blogging in conjunction with my art project of the week. I hope you'll check it out ! 

My Dad used an old Underwood like this lil he retired at age 83............even smack dab in the computer age !

My Dad used an old Underwood like this lil he retired at age 83............even smack dab in the computer age !


On the topic of father who was a philosophy college professor typed ALL his paper and tests on an old Underwood  like the one pictured above. He typed on that till he retired at age 83 ........smack dab in the computer age !! Although I admired and loved my Dad.......having a casual 2 way conversation was almost impossible.  H was just such a huge he never left it at work. He also had an encyclopedic his "lectures" were actually very well presented and crafted.....even right off the cuff. It's like you could pick any topic and he would give you a whole lecture on it complete with very detailed facts ! He was AMAZING ! And it was heart breaking to see him barely speak a word after his stroke. He had been a big talker and a voracious several languages in fact. Up until his stroke he was reading his fav philosophers in German. He knew 7 languages.  So after his stroke he barely spoke or read any longer......heart breaking.........


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Photo  credit: Effy Wild

Photo  credit: Effy Wild



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